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Following a 20 year journey in sports, media, and gaming  with stops at

MLB, NCAA, Sinclair, CBS Sports, PointsBet and Fanatics, I have embarked on a new challenge

with the launch of VIG Sports.

​VIG, short for vigorish (the percent deducted from a gambler's winnings) is highly experienced in providing consulting and advisory services to the sports media and gaming sectors across the U.S.


We have successfully secured the industry's top advisors to help guide our clients' strategic decisions.


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What we do

​VIG Sports, a sports betting and media strategy advisory firm, is uniquely positioned to provide both gaming and media specialization across the complexed and growing sports landscape.  With 80+ years of combined experience, we have assembled the best minds in sports betting and media to guide your organization's strategy for the future.

Sports betting legalization has presented a unique opportunity to bring together stakeholders from gaming, media, and sports.  Every organization must have a clear vision and roadmap on how to leverage this new business opportunity. 

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Market anaylsis

Overall strategy development and execution

Insight into new markets, products and emerging opportunities

Opportunity analysis for PE's and VC's

IP and media rights valuation 

Market Access partnerships in the U.S.

Sponsorship and activation

Native American gaming strategy & partner relations 

Expert connections & public positioning 

Steer licensing & state regulatory processes

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